December 01, 2017

'Tis The Season (Already?!)

Gosh, this is a busy time of the year isn’t it?! It’s like we open the door to Spring as a little sun emerges, and suddenly the events, school activities and social commitments come flooding in. View full article →
October 26, 2017

Spring Racing - Making The Season Bloom


This really is the best time of year, isn’t it? As we emerge from a long, cold scarf-wearing Melbourne winter, the sun has finally come out (the scarves are off!), our favourite flowers are in full bloom and preparations have begun for every flower lover’s favourite event, the Spring Racing Carnival!


While the focus of Spring Racing is largely on fashion, phillies, and lovely champagne breakfasts, it’s also very much about welcoming the season with beautiful blooms. We celebrate with splashes of brilliant floral motifs on the latest couture, pretty orchids sitting boldly atop millinery, fragrant roses bordering the race tracks and elegant floral arrangements welcoming guests at Spring Racing events across the country.

(And that’s where we come in!)



This year we’re tapping even further into our creativity and imagination, providing beautiful blooms for special events large and small in the lead up to the racing season. It’s truly amazing how an event space comes to life with the presence of beautiful bouquets and bespoke floral arrangements, regardless of a budget. We’re happy to work with everyone on making their events special this carnival season - whether you’re hosting a corporate event for your valued clients or you simply require some statement pieces for an intimate private function in your home, we can assist by adding that special floral touch. Why not get in touch to discuss your needs and vision? I’d be happy to share some fresh ideas with you to take your event plans up a notch.

 And don’t forget we’re doing our unique floral headpieces for those who are looking for something a little different and special for their Race Day outfit. Get in touch anytime and order your bespoke floral headpiece now.


However you choose to make a statement this season, here’s to another exciting floral-inspired Spring Racing Carnival in the month ahead!  Head to our website, or contact me on 0401 544 529 or via email here anytime to discuss how we can create something special for you or your event this racing season.




May 02, 2017




Mother’s Day – are we really there already?!

I can’t believe how quickly time is flying past – just yesterday we were delivering beautiful Valentine’s bouquets to loved ones and now it’s time to do it all again for the wonderful Mums!

Mum’s Day - the one day of the year where we get to stop and appreciate the role our Mums have played in our lives, making us the people we are today. Whether your mum is near or far, here with us today or like me a cherished memory, the fact that Mums have a special day for being appreciated makes it truly an occasion to spoil and to be spoiled.

And while like many, Mother’s Day for me is a day of reflection tinged with a little sadness as I remember my wonderful Mum, I am so thankful for the Mother’s Day memories I now make with my own family who always manage to surprise me with a gorgeous card, a treat or two (and even a slice of cold, burnt toast in bed on occasion). Mums are the best and being one is even better.




Beautiful flowers traditionally go hand in hand with Mother’s Day and this year, I’m designing a beautiful Mother’s Day bouquet filled with lovely pinks, whites and greens featuring tulips, lisianthus, chrysanthemum, carnations and gorgeous greenery. It’s a bespoke bouquet for mums of all ages and it’s available only through pre-order until Thursday 11th May so jump onto our online store here, place your order, and her beautiful bouquet will be delivered straight to her door. How easy is that? She’s going to love it.

And if you’re looking to raise the stakes in the quest for favourite son or daughter, or even to surprise a special grandmother this Mother’s Day, why not consider one of our gift subscriptions? She can receive a different designer bunch hand-delivered to her each week or each month for as long as you desire. One week she may be surprised with an explosion of brilliant peonies, the next it may be beautiful roses or hydrangeas that magically appear on her doorstep. Yet another way to surprise and delight with a gift of appreciation that extends well beyond Mother’s Day. Here’s a link to our gifts page to find out more.

Happy Mother’s Day!


April 06, 2017

Easter Treats And Beautiful Blooms....



Easter! A holiday defined by the principles of renewal, hope, peace and rebirth (with just a touch of fun and chocolate). How do you mark the occasion? To me, whether you choose to celebrate Easter through worship, through customs or rituals, or just as time off with family, it’s always good for all of us to be reminded of these principles during this special holiday break.

At Easter, there’s one flower that embodies rebirth, peace and new beginnings; the gorgeous Lily. The Lily is especially prominent at this time of year as they grace our homes and churches symbolising purity, joy, hope and life. To florists and to lovers of flowers everywhere, the Lily has become the floral ambassador for all things Easter, right alongside the good old Easter Bunny (and perhaps a little Red Tulip!).



Alternatively, and perhaps a little less well-known is the gorgeous Easter Daisy or Aster - a hardy plant that blooms most prominently just before and during Easter. The Aster was most popular during our grandparent’s generation but like the cycle of fashion (think house dresses and sensible shoes!), this bloom has made a recent comeback due not only to its classic beauty but also because of its ability to survive our hot summers and dry conditions.

So how do you celebrate Easter? Does the family gather around on Easter Sunday for an egg hunt and a feast to celebrate the holiday? Do you celebrate Orthodox Easter with a fast then a wonderful celebration with family? Whatever your Easter plans this year, why not add to the occasion and decorate your Easter table with the beauty of Lilies or Easter Daisies? This Easter I’ll be putting together some gorgeous table arrangements and bouquets based around these two flowers to mark the season. Simply head to our home page here and place an order anytime before Wednesday 12th April, or feel free to get in touch with me via email if you have any questions.


To you and your family from mine - Happy Easter!









March 15, 2017

The Power Of Flowers - Not Just A Pretty Face!



“I think that's what life is all about, actually, about children and flowers.” Audrey Hepburn.
Bless you Audrey, I think you’re right.
And while the beauty of children is sometimes a little marred by dirty socks and unnecessary supermarket tantrums, flowers are indeed one of life’s greatest sensory pleasures - the smell of Jasmine in summer, the sight of a glorious bunch of Roses or the furry touch of a Star Flower. Nature is truly wondrous, isn’t it?
But the wonder of flowers gets better! Not only are we in love with blooms for their beauty and scent, flowers can also assist us on a path to good health and wellbeing. For centuries, medical practitioners and holistic healers spanning a multitude of cultures have relied upon the therapeutic properties of flowers to heal a variety of ailments and illnesses, both physical and mental. The list of beneficial floral remedies is surprisingly long - here are just a few examples.
Snapdragons (pictured above) named largely due to their resemblance to the face of a dragon, can be used as a gentle sedative and mental relaxant. It is especially useful when battling insomnia or stress.



The drought tolerant succulent perennial Begonia, mixed with hot water, has the proven ability to assist with the elimination of headaches and toxins within the body. The crushed flowers and leaves can also be rubbed directly on the skin to help relieve pain and heal sores or burns.
Calendula (known also as the Marigold) is most effective is reducing inflammation, the pain of cuts, burns and stings and it features widely in the production of beauty products by brightening the skin and reducing blemishes. It can also be gargled to reduce symptoms of a sore throat.
Carnations brewed as a tea can reduce the symptoms of anxiety, agitation, stress and fatigue.
The Dandelion, prepared as a tea, supports healthy liver function, can naturally balance hormones and blood sugars in the body, has been known to reduce inflammation and can assist with reducing the symptoms of anaemia.
The beautiful and ever-popular Gardenia goes well beyond its ability to look pretty and smell divine - it features heavily in Chinese medicine for blood cleansing and blood disorders, bladder problems, and physical injuries. The Gardenia also works effectively on a mental level by helping to alleviate depression, stress, anxiety, insomnia and similar disorders.
Jasmine, like the Gardenia, goes beyond its amazing scent. Its sweet, exotic flower aids in the treatment of digestive issues and stomach ulcers. Sipping a Jasmine brew before bedtime can also help to ward off insomnia and anxiety.
One of my favourites, the gorgeous Peony has medicinal properties that date back to ancient Chinese civilisation. Consuming a tonic made from the Peony flower is helpful as a muscle relaxant in cases such as general muscular pain, cramps and also menstrual discomfort. More than just a pretty face, it seems!
And finally, the antimicrobial properties of the Nasturtium make it an effective remedy against colds and flu, assisting the immune system in the fight against germs. The Nasturtium flower is also useful in treating infections of the lungs, bladder and reproductive organs.
The wonder of Mother Nature! I don’t know about you, but I see a lot of stress-reducing floral teas in my future!
Naturally, if we’re suffering from ANY kind of medical issue (whether it be physical or mental) a medical professional should be the first stop in our journey to wellbeing. However, the healing power of flowers should never be underestimated as hugely beneficial to our mind, body and spirit. Remember how good you felt the last time you surprised someone with a beautiful bouquet of their favourite bloom? Or perhaps how happy you felt when you were the lucky recipient? Why not bring on those happy, warm feelings once more by ordering a bespoke bunch for someone special today! Head to our send flowers page and place your order here.
February 03, 2017

Be A Little Bespoke This Valentine's Day




Hello, 2017!
Happy New Year to you all – I really hope you enjoyed a wonderful festive season and managed to get a little beach-related downtime in the process!
So the busiest time for lovers and florists alike (!) will soon be upon us and I thought it might be nice to explore the ‘true’ meaning of St Valentine’s Day outside of the wordy greeting cards, the long stemmed red roses and of course the tubs of ice cream that are eaten by those who just wish the day would simply pass them by. (Yep – we’ve all been there!).
Originating in Roman times, there are a few supposed versions of how St. Valentines Day began. Some profess that in the third century, marriage was banned by Emperor Claudius II during wartime as he believed that single men made better soldiers (total killjoy, old Claudius) therefore a sneaky, starry-eyed priest named Valentine began to marry young lovers in secret.  This romantic and defiant gesture saw many lovers joined in union during Claudius’ rule, but sadly Valentine’s actions were eventually discovered and he was put to death for his actions.
Another version suggests that a prisoner named Valentine fell for the daughter of his captor who used to visit him in secret and before his execution he penned her a love letter that was signed, “From Your Valentine”. Clearly it’s a phrase that has stood the test of time; almost seven centuries later it is still rolled out when, once a year, we dust off our writing implements and express our love for one another in words, sometimes with chocolates and hopefully always with a bouquet of beautiful flowers.
According to tradition, the red rose is a symbol of love and passion and has appeared in paintings, poetry and music for hundreds of years. Sending a single red rose on Valentine's Day is usually understood to mean ‘I love you'. Having said that, I believe that ALL flowers convey a message of affection from one to another in some way, and most importantly, such a gesture doesn’t have to cost the earth. 
This year, while roses are certainly a classic selection, why not consider some equally stunning and original floral bouquets featuring blooms such as Water Lilies, Dahlias, Gardenias (that perfect scent!), or the ever-bright and beautiful Hydrangea? Trust me - putting that little bit of extra thought into the originality of your Valentine’s gift is sure to win you some major points. (You can thank me later … *wink*.)




I’m really excited about putting together a range of unique bouquets this year and there are so many flowers that can bring Valentine’s Day to life. And in addition to the individual bouquets I’ll be creating, our Bespoke Botanics’ Gift Subscriptions are still available - your special someone can receive a different designer bunch hand-delivered to them each week or each month for as long as you desire. One week they may be surprised by an explosion of brilliant Peonies, the next it may be gorgeous pom poms of Viburnums that magically appear on their doorstep.  Yet another way to surprise and delight the one you love with a gift that extends well beyond February 14th.
(Gift Subscription options and to purchase online can be found on our website here.)




Whatever your plans this Valentine's Day, I hope you’re remembered, cherished and delighted by whatever gesture that comes your way. And if not, then go ahead and treat yourself to a lovely bunch of something, in addition to your favourite tub of ice cream! Everyone deserves to feel special this February 14th.

December 08, 2016

Everyone Deserves A Bunch Of Love This Christmas



Hello, December! (Where did you creep up from, you sneaky minx?)

While this time of year brings with it the impending joys of the Festive Season and holiday time with friends and family, it also has the ability to send us into a tailspin of panic whereby gift lists are made and schedules are overloaded with endless obligations that see us racing from one commitment to another while trying to figure out how that list is ever going to get done. Sound familiar? And then there’s the shopping centre car park! ‘Nuff said.

 Every body breathe! I can help. Let’s tackle that gift list together and talk beautiful and unique Christmas gifts.

Everyone loves flowers and when we receive a bunch from someone who loves or appreciates us, it’s that extra bit special. Flowers have the magic ability to turn a house into a home and the good news is that it’s no longer a luxury reserved only for the rich and famous.

 The Bespoke Botanics’ gift subscription has just launched and it’s available now, just in time for Christmas.

 If someone special in your world deserves the beauty of blooms, consider gifting them a membership to my new bouquet subscription service and they’ll receive a different designer bunch hand-delivered to them each week or each month for as long as you desire. One week they may be surprised by an explosion of brilliant Peonies, the next it may be gorgeous pom poms of Viburnums that magically appear on their doorstep. Who wouldn’t love that?!

There are several subscription options available to suit a range of budgets, so head here to the ‘GIFTS’ section our website for details and to purchase online. (Yay, no dreaded cark parks!). Each gift certificate comes elegantly wrapped inside a box filled with rosemary and free delivery is available to many of our metro locations.

Show someone how much they’re loved and appreciated with brilliant bouquets this Christmas.




And don’t forget our gorgeous Festive floral centrepieces and wreaths are still available to purchase online here! Bring your table to life with the beauty of blooms this Christmas Season.


November 10, 2016

Flowers & The Festive Season – Bringing The Wow Factor



In case you haven’t ventured into your local department store recently, I should warn you that Bing Crosby is already in fine voice and the aisles are now oozing with baubles, reindeer statues and colourful, flashing tree lights. The usual assortment of hampers are lining the shelves in readiness for the flurry of teacher-related purchases and you can barely see through the forest of plastic Christmas Trees standing to attention.

(Sigh – are you ready for it? Wasn’t last Christmas five minutes ago?!)

I should remind you that there are now only six weeks until Christmas Day is upon us. Six weeks. Six weeks to plan and attend your end of year functions, to organise the array of gifts for your loved ones, six weeks to plan a spectacular family Christmas Day banquet, and six weeks to organise a stunning yet effortless floral table arrangement or wreath that will leave even finicky old Aunty Betty speechless!

Floral arrangements of all varieties and sizes add such an air of elegance and beauty to whatever your function this festive season and surprisingly, the ‘wow’ factor can be achieved really easily and without too much expense. From a spectacular table setting, to a stunning wreath, consider floral arrangements as your feature piece with a little help from a professional.

Some of our favourite Christmas blooms this year include all the wonderful greens and reds of the Christmas season – vibrant Poinsettias, white or red roses, white and green hydrangeas, a splash of pine here and there, traditional Holly as well as some beautiful Australian natives including Callistemon (Australian Bottle Brush).

Here are some that we’ve put together recently – see anything you like?





How lovely does this table piece look featuring red roses, Christmas bush and blackberries? Such a lovely complement to the rose gold theme.

If you’re looking for something extra special for the Christmas table this year, or you’re in charge of styling your Christmas work function and you need to impress even the toughest of clients - I can help. Get in touch for a chat and see how Bespoke Botanics can bring your event to life with your own, personalised touch of nature.

And don’t forget to ‘like’ us on Facebook and Instagram for regular updates and offers including how to get your hands on our soon-to-be released BB Gift Vouchers.

Happy planning!


October 10, 2016

Fillies, Flowers and Fashion – The Perfect Spring Partnership

“After women, flowers are the most lovely thing God has given the world.” Christian Dior

As we approach the season of ‘fashion and fillies’ known here in Australia as the Spring Racing Carnival, tell us – what’s your style when it comes to stepping out? Do you favour something simple like a timeless little black dress or is your typical fashion personality more bright, bold and colourful? Do you like to blend in or do you prefer to make a statement? (Or perhaps like me, you do a little of both depending upon your mood?)
Regardless of your own penchant for style, I think we can all agree that the natural beauty of flowers has remained a common creative thread through almost every era of fashion and continues to be so on the catwalks of today. From the early origins of fabrics in Asia where Peonies, Chrysanthemums and the Lotus flower were the first floral prints to feature in textiles, to the Rose-inspired garments designed for Marie Antoinette in the 1700s, and the work of Paul Poiret through the 1800s, almost every iconic designer over time has drawn their inspiration from the natural beauty of flowers.

How good are these little floral numbers from more recent times? (Oh and can we bring back the grown up pigtails please?!! Let's end bad hair days for good!)

Many of the world’s greatest fashion designers such as Chanel, Louboutin, Dior and Saint Laurent attribute their keen love of gardening to their own personal vision for the most iconic pieces in their lifelong collections. And while I can’t imagine Dior getting down and dirty weeding the Peonies, I can see how the beauty, colour and scent of flowers have provided such inspiration through the ages. This is not only reflected in their garments, but also in their often floral-inspired catwalk displays, their multitude of fashion accessories and of course in their Eau De Parfum releases (I’m thinking Chanel No. 5 – so iconic, so lovely).

While nature-inspired floral prints are undoubtedly timeless in the fast moving and fickle world of fashion, year after year they continue to feature most prominently in the Spring Carnival ‘Fashions On The Field’ here in Melbourne.  Here’s what leading online retailers are featuring in their Spring Racing edits this season.

(Those shoes!)

As a Florist, Spring Racing is one of our busiest times and this year we’re thinking a little differently about how to incorporate the beauty of our flowers into Spring Racing couture. We’re creating some beautiful floral accessories and millinery for those who are seeking something unique and special in place of the usual hat or fascinator.

Here are a few pieces we’ve put together recently. Which one is your favourite? (We can’t decide!). Would you replace your own traditional racing head wear with a bespoke floral arrangement to complement your favourite Spring Racing outfit?


Whatever your fashion style and statement this year, here’s to another exciting floral-inspired Spring Racing Carnival in the months ahead!  Contact me on 0401 544 529 or anytime to discuss how I can create something special for you this racing season.