The Power Of Flowers - Not Just A Pretty Face!

“I think that's what life is all about, actually, about children and flowers.” Audrey Hepburn.
Bless you, Audrey, I think you’re right.
And while the beauty of children is sometimes a little marred by dirty socks and unnecessary supermarket tantrums, flowers are indeed one of life’s greatest sensory pleasures - the smell of Jasmine in summer, the sight of a glorious bunch of Roses or the furry touch of a Star Flower. Nature is truly wondrous, isn’t it?
But the wonder of flowers gets better! Not only are we in love with blooms for their beauty and scent, flowers can also assist us on a path to good health and wellbeing. For centuries, medical practitioners and holistic healers spanning a multitude of cultures have relied upon the therapeutic properties of flowers to heal a variety of ailments and illnesses, both physical and mental. The list of beneficial floral remedies is surprisingly long - here are just a few examples.
Snapdragons (pictured above) named largely due to their resemblance to the face of a dragon, can be used as a gentle sedative and mental relaxant. It is especially useful when battling insomnia or stress.



The drought-tolerant succulent perennial Begonia, mixed with hot water, has the proven ability to assist with the elimination of headaches and toxins within the body. The crushed flowers and leaves can also be rubbed directly on the skin to help relieve pain and heal sores or burns.
Calendula (known also as the Marigold) is most effective is reducing inflammation, the pain of cuts, burns and stings and it features widely in the production of beauty products by brightening the skin and reducing blemishes. It can also be gargled to reduce symptoms of a sore throat.
Carnations brewed as a tea can reduce the symptoms of anxiety, agitation, stress and fatigue.
The Dandelion, prepared as a tea, supports healthy liver function, can naturally balance hormones and blood sugars in the body, has been known to reduce inflammation and can assist with reducing the symptoms of anaemia.
The beautiful and ever-popular Gardenia goes well beyond its ability to look pretty and smell divine - it features heavily in Chinese medicine for blood cleansing and blood disorders, bladder problems, and physical injuries. The Gardenia also works effectively on a mental level by helping to alleviate depression, stress, anxiety, insomnia and similar disorders.
Jasmine, like the Gardenia, goes beyond its amazing scent. Its sweet, exotic flower aids in the treatment of digestive issues and stomach ulcers. Sipping a Jasmine brew before bedtime can also help to ward off insomnia and anxiety.
One of my favourites, the gorgeous Peony has medicinal properties that date back to ancient Chinese civilisation. Consuming a tonic made from the Peony flower is helpful as a muscle relaxant in cases such as general muscular pain, cramps and also menstrual discomfort. More than just a pretty face, it seems!
And finally, the antimicrobial properties of the Nasturtium make it an effective remedy against colds and flu, assisting the immune system in the fight against germs. The Nasturtium flower is also useful in treating infections of the lungs, bladder and reproductive organs.
The wonder of Mother Nature! I don’t know about you, but I see a lot of stress-reducing floral teas in my future!
Naturally, if we’re suffering from ANY kind of medical issue (whether it be physical or mental) a medical professional should be the first stop in our journey to wellbeing. However, the healing power of flowers should never be underestimated as hugely beneficial to our mind, body, and spirit. Remember how good you felt the last time you surprised someone with a beautiful bouquet of their favorite bloom? Or perhaps how happy you felt when you were the lucky recipient? Why not bring on those happy, warm feelings once more by ordering a bespoke bunch for someone special today? Head to our send flowers page and place your order here.
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