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We deliver to a range of suburbs across Melbourne for a delivery fee.  Once you have entered your delivery address the shipping fee will be calculated at checkout. If you can't locate your address please give us a call and we can discuss delivery options. 

When will I be charged for my weekly or fortnightly subscription?

We will charge your card (through Paypal) 5 days before the actual delivery or you can pay by direct deposit.  E.g Since personal subscription deliveries are on a Friday that means the charge will occur on the previous Monday.  You can consider each week’s delivery as a reminder that its your last chance to pause the next weeks delivery before your order is confirmed.

Does it have to be weekly, fortnightly or monthly?

No we offer a one off delivery of flowers also.

Are there additional charges?

We do offer free delivery to surrounding suburbs. Outside this there is a delivery fee based on location of the flowers being delivered too.

Are the flowers fresh?

Since we create one unique arrangement each week, we can assure you there isn’t left over stock on hand to use in our arrangements.  Depending on the blooms they may be tight when you receive them. They’ll open fully within a few days ensuring you can enjoy them at their best.

How will they be packaged?

They will be loosely arranged and wrapped beautifully in paper.  The stems will be wet packed to keep the flowers freshest whilst in transit to you.

How to best care for your flowers?


When you receive and unpack your blooms, trim about 2cm off the stems at a sharp angle. This helps the flowers drink more easily.

Remove any leaves that will be below the water line in your vase. Re trimming the stems and freshening the water every few days will keep your flowers looking their optimum.

Make sure you use a squeaky clean vase, ideally glass.

Find a nice home for them. A cool place, away from the sun, heaters and drafts is good. Some flowers are sensitive to ethylene which is given off by fruit, car fumes and cigarette smoke - so keep them away from these things too if you can.

Refunds and Returns

Our aim is to deliver all blooms in perfect condition. In the unlikely event that there is a problem with your order we have the following guidelines:

If the problem is the fault of Bespoke Botanic we will either re-deliver or refund your purchased product, depending on your preferred option.

If there is a mistake on the order form e.g. incorrect information, Bespoke Botanics cannot be held responsible if an order is not fulfilled. We will of course work with you to try and correct the issue and make sure that your Bespoke Botanics  arrangement arrives at its intended destination as soon as possible.

If you are dissatisfied, even just a little bit, with any of the products or services provided by Bespoke Botanics we’d really like to know about it. You can send feedback, photos, comments and questions to orders@bespokebotanics.com and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.




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