About Me

Bespoke Botanics was established to blend a love affair of flowers, artistic design and all things beautiful.  Having most recently work for 5 years in general management at the premium skin care brand Aesop, I was able immerse myself in the world of design, creativity and passion. During my time in the corporate world I have managed many large scale conferences and events which have combined my organizational skills and creativity.

My upbringing included trips to visit my grandpa in which we would walk around his garden (his pride and joy) admiring and smelling the many seasonal delights.  With both my parents avid gardeners I has always longed to be surrounded by beautiful blooms. Knowing the value that the gesture a bunch of flowers can bring, I wanted to set up a business which made flowers more accessible and a regular part of more people’s week. With an opportunity to do something different I completed the Bloom Collage Career Change course and have established my floral studio in Bayside Melbourne.