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Fillies, Flowers and Fashion – The Perfect Spring Partnership

“After women, flowers are the most lovely thing God has given the world.” Christian Dior

As we approach the season of ‘fashion and fillies’ known here in Australia as the Spring Racing Carnival, tell us – what’s your style when it comes to stepping out? Do you favour something simple like a timeless little black dress or is your typical fashion personality more bright, bold and colourful? Do you like to blend in or do you prefer to make a statement? (Or perhaps like me, you do a little of both depending upon your mood?)
Regardless of your own penchant for style, I think we can all agree that the natural beauty of flowers has remained a common creative thread through almost every era of fashion and continues to be so on the catwalks of today. From the early origins of fabrics in Asia where Peonies, Chrysanthemums and the Lotus flower were the first floral prints to feature in textiles, to the Rose-inspired garments designed for Marie Antoinette in the 1700s, and the work of Paul Poiret through the 1800s, almost every iconic designer over time has drawn their inspiration from the natural beauty of flowers.

How good are these little floral numbers from more recent times? (Oh and can we bring back the grown up pigtails please?!! Let's end bad hair days for good!)

Many of the world’s greatest fashion designers such as Chanel, Louboutin, Dior and Saint Laurent attribute their keen love of gardening to their own personal vision for the most iconic pieces in their lifelong collections. And while I can’t imagine Dior getting down and dirty weeding the Peonies, I can see how the beauty, colour and scent of flowers have provided such inspiration through the ages. This is not only reflected in their garments, but also in their often floral-inspired catwalk displays, their multitude of fashion accessories and of course in their Eau De Parfum releases (I’m thinking Chanel No. 5 – so iconic, so lovely).

While nature-inspired floral prints are undoubtedly timeless in the fast moving and fickle world of fashion, year after year they continue to feature most prominently in the Spring Carnival ‘Fashions On The Field’ here in Melbourne.  Here’s what leading online retailers are featuring in their Spring Racing edits this season.

(Those shoes!)

As a Florist, Spring Racing is one of our busiest times and this year we’re thinking a little differently about how to incorporate the beauty of our flowers into Spring Racing couture. We’re creating some beautiful floral accessories and millinery for those who are seeking something unique and special in place of the usual hat or fascinator.

Here are a few pieces we’ve put together recently. Which one is your favourite? (We can’t decide!). Would you replace your own traditional racing head wear with a bespoke floral arrangement to complement your favourite Spring Racing outfit?


Whatever your fashion style and statement this year, here’s to another exciting floral-inspired Spring Racing Carnival in the months ahead!  Contact me on 0401 544 529 or anytime to discuss how I can create something special for you this racing season.



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