April 06, 2017

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Easter Treats And Beautiful Blooms....



Easter! A holiday defined by the principles of renewal, hope, peace and rebirth (with just a touch of fun and chocolate). How do you mark the occasion? To me, whether you choose to celebrate Easter through worship, through customs or rituals, or just as time off with family, it’s always good for all of us to be reminded of these principles during this special holiday break.

At Easter, there’s one flower that embodies rebirth, peace and new beginnings; the gorgeous Lily. The Lily is especially prominent at this time of year as they grace our homes and churches symbolising purity, joy, hope and life. To florists and to lovers of flowers everywhere, the Lily has become the floral ambassador for all things Easter, right alongside the good old Easter Bunny (and perhaps a little Red Tulip!).



Alternatively, and perhaps a little less well-known is the gorgeous Easter Daisy or Aster - a hardy plant that blooms most prominently just before and during Easter. The Aster was most popular during our grandparent’s generation but like the cycle of fashion (think house dresses and sensible shoes!), this bloom has made a recent comeback due not only to its classic beauty but also because of its ability to survive our hot summers and dry conditions.

So how do you celebrate Easter? Does the family gather around on Easter Sunday for an egg hunt and a feast to celebrate the holiday? Do you celebrate Orthodox Easter with a fast then a wonderful celebration with family? Whatever your Easter plans this year, why not add to the occasion and decorate your Easter table with the beauty of Lilies or Easter Daisies? This Easter I’ll be putting together some gorgeous table arrangements and bouquets based around these two flowers to mark the season. Simply head to our home page here and place an order anytime before Wednesday 12th April, or feel free to get in touch with me via email if you have any questions.


To you and your family from mine - Happy Easter!